Artists: Timon Botez, Mihail Coșulețu, Adina Mocanu, Sybille Neumeyer, Iulia Nistor, Philipp Schweiger.
Curator: Simona Vilău
Aiurart Contemporary Art Space, Lirei 21, Bucharest.


MOOON_02 - Timon Botez

Untitled Albedo (sound installation), 2014. By Timon Botez

MOOON_03 - Sybille Neumeyer

moon (borrowed.scenes.03), 2013-2014. By Sybille Neumeyer

MOOON_04 - Adina Mocanu

MOOON_05 - Adina Mocanu

Trying to find the right color for the Moon, 2014.
Site-specific intervention by Adina Mocanu.

MOOON_06 - Aiurart Contemporary Art Space